Featuring a stellar line up of Australian and international photographers and artists, “The Art of Defiance - Hong Kong: Revolution of Our Time”, an art exhibition about the recent Hong Kong democracy movement, will take place 6-18 February 2020 at m2 Gallery, Sydney.

  • Title: The Art of Defiance - Hong Kong: Revolution of our time
  • Date: Feb 2020
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Australia


  • Title: 香港の不自由展
  • Date: Jan 2020
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Japan


  • Title: Stuck And Squeezed Multisensory Housing Exhibition
  • Date: Mar 2019
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong


  • Title: 「經驗之外」中國 • 萬州小幅當代藝術作品展
  • Date: Mar 2019
  • Location: Group Exhibition in China

The concept of this exhibition came from an art collection of beautiful women, the collection consists paintings of beauties by Japanese artists.

Beauties, is a word that uses to describe women with great appearance, body shape and personalities that fulfill general standards. For sure, each artist has their own standards for beauties, therefore different aesthetic. The beauties that created by them, are of different images and characters, some are graceful, some are delicate and some are elegant.

These beauty paintings with significant and cultural meanings have impacted ten Hong Kong local artists, giving them a whole new understanding to the definitions and standards of beauty. With their own views on women’s pure “beauty”, these artists used different art elements, allow with their interpretation of beauty, they created a series of beauty paintings. Now, allow the artists to unveil the multifaceted beauties to you: peaceful, smart, elegant, sexy...breaking the barriers and show you the unique beauty created by each of them.

  • Title: Gorgeous 美人展
  • Date: Jan 2019
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong


  • Title: Boxed in Substandard housing
  • Date: May 2018
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo 2018 presented a wide spectrum of collectibles & art pieces that were showcased at the event, creating premium artistic atmosphere.

Exhibitors from different countries & regions were assembled, including China, Africa, Germany, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, U.S., Taiwan & Hong Kong Region. Displayed exhibits comprised of Special Collection for National Arts & Calligraphy Competition of Olympics 2008, Chinese Famous Han Kuang Porcelain, Ancient & Modern Coins (include 10kg Giant Gold Coin), Stamps, Chinese Antiques, Chinese Paintings, Oil Paintings, Calligraphy, Jade, Chinese Shoushan Stone, Classic Art of Porcelain, Contemporary Art and so on. The 3-day event attracted over 8,000 visitors.

  • Title: Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo 2018
  • Date: Apr 2018
  • Location: Art Fair in Hong Kong


  • Title: A Musical 「一水南天」The Original Art Mini Exhibition
  • Date: Dec 2017
  • Location: Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong


  • Title: 山月畫友聯展 - 足印2017
  • Date: Nov 2017
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong

《12 apostles》is a collaboration between Art For Life Studio and Black Sugar Coffee. Harvey Chan invited 12 of his students to participate in the project with the aim to bring these local young artists’ work to public attention, and to bring surprises to the audience through the unique painting styles presented in the artworks.

  • Title: 1 + 12 Apostles Exhibition
  • Date: Jul 2017
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong People Exhibition is the first collaborative effort by artists Maggie Wong, Mark Law, and Xeda Or. In this exhibition, Wong, Law, and Or used their unique creative visions to represent their views of “Hong-Kongers,” focusing on past, present, future, interpersonal relations, and the lamentations of Hong Konger’s existence.

How do Hong Konger feel about living in this tiny geographic landmark with 7+ million people? What influences do historical events like the British colonization, the Japanese invasion, the economic rise, and the return to Chinese ruling have on Hong Kongers? Wong, Law, and Or aim to explore their answers to these questions through art.

  • Title: 3
  • Date: Nov 2016
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong

Injured by Apathy is a series that reflects the increasing problems of animal cruelty. In the past few years, the Association as well as civil societies have been urging the government to set up a specialized police force to fight animal abuse crimes. However, not only has the government turned a deaf ear to the issues, but it has also recently legalized home breeding to make the problems even more severe than ever.

In the series, Mark uses personification to express the feelings of abused animals in hope to make people aware and change behaviors around the social cause.

  • Title: 12 apostles #3 Mark Law – Injured by Apathy
  • Date: Jul 2016
  • Location: Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

「M×M 二人の洋画店」は年齢や経験、個性が異なる香港芸術家Maggie Wongと Mark Lawの初、海外展示会である。

Mark Law はマルチメディアデザイン業に長年携わっており、挿絵や映画の美術監督しても活躍している。Mark Lawは特定の美術流派を持たず、いろんなジャンルに挑戦いている。近年は、油絵に重点をおいて、中には香港政治の不安定さを物語っている作品もある。

  • Title: MxM 二人の洋画展
  • Date: Mar 2016
  • Location: Solo Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan


  • Title: 山月畫友聯展 - 足印2015
  • Date: Nov 2015
  • Location: Group Exhibition in Hong Kong